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Mission In Morals

Since 1959, the mission of Sooner Alcohol Narcotics Education (SANE) has been to protect the children, youth and families of Oklahoma from the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse and other moral problems through education, legislation and information. Our war is waged on three fronts:


In a typical summer, SANE will have teachers involved in associational camps all over the state, as well as some larger venues such as Falls Creek Assembly.

SANE can be found in Vacation Bible schools and in many public and private schools, Vo-Techs, in civic clubs, and in youth and singles retreats.

SANE also has a vast tape library and a wealth of free literature. SANE representatives even make local TV appearances in order to get their message across.


Another area in which SANE functions is that of Evangelism. On almost any given Sunday, a SANE speaker can be found in a church somewhere in Oklahoma either teaching in Sunday School or Discipleship Training or preaching in morning or evening worship services.

Whenever possible, SANE often approaches its work from a biblical, Christian perspective. We recognize that Christ is the solution to the moral problems we face today. We're not simply dedicated to improving quality of life, but we're concerned with the saving of souls. That's why SANE holds multiple Moral Action Crusades around the state each year.


The third and final arena in which you'll find SANE active is that of legislation. Yes, contrary to popular myth, you can legislate morality. When critical elections take place, SANE is always ready to provide our videotapes and companion guidebooks, "Election Guidelines: A Countdown to Victory."

SANE also works very closely with a number of our state legislators in an effort to ensure that our state lawmakers are creating legislation which is favorable to quality family living, fighting for better drug and liquor laws and more.


Sooner Alcohol Narcotic Education is not a government agency. We are a non-profit organization, funded solely through the generosity of faith-based organizations and by concerned individuals. We work with all denominations. Please commit yourself to being a prayer partner and a lifesaver as you help SANE with its "Mission in Morals."

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